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Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites Strategy to Promote Your Blogger

You've done a couple of things with your blogger blog so far: you've set your blog to dofollow, encouraged and rewarded commenters for quality coments, implemented keyword exchange for comments, monetized your blog, doubled its pull and your adsense income, and enabled others to easily navigate the site. Now it 's time to get the word out. And I mean get the word out in a big way. Your content is precious. Right?!? You want people to know about it.

One of the quickest ways to get the word out is post a social bookmark. Social bookmarking is a great way to get links back to your blog. Links that are well categorized. Social bookmarking will bring you targeted traffic. Social bookmarking, when done right, will increase your blog's popularity with search engines. You can find more about social bookmark basics by simply signing up for, one of the original social bookmarking sites. Roam around and you will find how the system works. Yahoo has recently bought and seems to be putting some efforts together to integrate delicious more tightly with Yahoo search and other offerings. There are hundreds of other social bookmarking sites out there and new ones are mushrooming daily.

How to make sense of all this? Should you go and sign up for all the sites and bookmark your blogger pages? That could take forever! Well you are in the right place to see about bookmarking selectively and speeding up the social bookmarking process.

I recommend using two tools:
  2. This very page! ( see below )
I'll cut to the chase. You want as many backlinks as possible and you want them to be dofollow, so they count more for google. Onlywire represents 40 of the biggest social bookmarking websites and you can submit easily to all of them in 5-10 minutes. The backlinks will mostly be nofollow, but they will bring you targeted traffic.

Step two, go for the dofollow social bookmarking sites regardless of the size. There is no established tool for dofollow social bookmarking sites so below you will find a clickable list of those that I use and recommend:

List of recommended dofollow social bookmarking sites. Combined mainly from two sites, and, then double checked for dofollow:

Dofollow bookmarking sites just for blogs:
Where possible, I have included the link directly to the post page to post the bookmark, so it is more convenient and faster. You do want to use cut and paste for your Title, Text, and Tags but you also want to vary the Title, Text, and Tags a bit so search engines do not consider these entries duplicated content.

Another point when bookmarking: Don't just bookmark your sales pages. Or just your blogger. Add some spice to the mix, bookmark pages in the news that you read and you found remarkable. For example, today I bookmarked  this page and this page, just because I found them interesting and illustrative of what is happening in the USA today. I highly recommend you bookmark websites with a wide variety of topics. Bookmark news. Bookmark sites you like. Bookmark sites that represent a cause. When the social bookmarking site editors look at your bookmarks they will be less likely to consider your bookmarks "spam" or "self promotion" if you bookmark a wide variety of sites.

Here is how you can verify whether your bookmarks are active on the above sites through Google Custom Search:


Sell Your Mobile said...

Okay so I take it this was cut and pasted from somewhere else? I am giving a try on my MMO blog Make Real Free Money Thanks for the list though I am going to go through them all :)

Mentor Matt said...

That was a fast comment! Yes, I have used several sources, 2-3. I'll update the post to include them. As I said in the posts, these are the dofollow bookmarking sites I recommend. There are others that I wouldn't recommend. If you have found others AND they work for you, let me know and I will include them.

Mkcoy said...

Hey man you know I've been hitting these dofollow bookmarking sites for ages now and man do I have a massive list of dofollow bookmarkd saved in my browser. A lot of them you can save the shortcut url so you only have to be on the page you want to bookmark and click on it from your browsers favourites. Gotta say though when bookmarking a new post I've made or something it can take a good old while to go through them all and bookmark the post you made to them all.

Can you tell me something? Because Google only counts a link once on the same domain. (Is that true) Do you need to submit all yr blog posts to a bookmarking site or is one suffice to have your domain counted and followed? I bookmark 2 or 3 of my main posts to them from all my sites but not all of them.

Anyway this is a good list to go through. You should go through them all one by one and stick at it until you have got your sites listed and indexed with all of them.

Mkcoy at Sell Your Mobile

Mentor Matt said...

Hey McKoy, good to hear from you again! Bookmarks, especially dofollow, work! I can not tell you much about Google, and you will have to try it out on your own to see what works and what not. I don't see why Google would want to only count one link from a given domain. That would reduce the power of their algorithm. But of course they've been modifying their algorithm a lot to keep the results relevant. So the truth is somewhere in-between counting one link and all links from a given domain.

As far as your list, would you mind sharing with this blog's readers? I have recently published another, new list of dofollow social bookmarking sites here and welcome your feedback. Especially if you have sites *not listed on this page or the new page *dofollow sites or high PR sites *sites where YOU got traffic from and have some evidence for that.
If you can share sites like that this would be great.

Mkcoy said...

Sure man I'll go through the list and save them when I'm next bookmarking something. I'll put them as a comment on your new post More Great Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites because I definitely have dofollow bookmark sites that are definitely not on the list.

I'm pretty sure that Google only counts a link once if it's on a domain no matter how many times that link is on that domain on different pages etc.

Do you think it's still worth bookmarking a post to a bookmarking site if it's nofollow? Even if you don't expect to get any traffic come from it. Just to have your link recorded as being on that domain. Google still credits you for having your link on a domain even if it is nofollow. (Apparantly)

Mentor Matt said...

McKoy, Thanks for contributing! I'll include your additions and will test them out. I prefer either high traffic or dofollow bookmarking sites. In answer to your question, it is worth bookmarking on a nofollow site if it gives you a lot of traffic. I sometimes get 100 visits in an hour following a post on Stumble Upon for example. Also, think about that no-follow site of yours ranking high in the search engine. So people get to your site in two clicks instead of one. Even though they had to go through the nofollow social bookmarking site. So it is worth it.

MyFinPlanner said...
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