Saturday, August 29

Monetize Your Blog is the Next Thing To Do.

As of today, monetizing blogger blog is a matter of a few clicks if you already have adsense set up. Just click on Settings then Monetize then you'll be given a few layout choices. Stick with the default for maximum exposure of ads. Google will select your adsense layout to match the colors of your blog style. There is not much else to do!

I've noticed some bloggers out there  calling for no advertising on blogs. I disagree. The main point is: Most people are ad-blind anyways, and subconsciously filter out the ads and go for the content anyways. However, if they're looking for something already, they hit your blog, they will see an ad that matches what they're looking for. My theory anyways. As google has implemented Double-Click advertising and viewer-centric advertising in addition to content-centric advertising, chances are even higher your reader will find something they are looking for in your ads.

So go ahead monetize your blog now!

Give it a couple of days/weeks depending on how much traffic you get. Check back with Monetize Tab and you will see your earnings right there.


Limo Hire said...

This post is well written. These tips are really helpful. Again thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.Keep up the good work.

Summerlin real estate said...

You may be right but many users don't click on Google ads - thinking only those are 'Ads'. The good thing is that you must provide Google search withing your blog or website and drive ads on that search results. It helped me a lot instead of ad sense.
- Thanks

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