Wednesday, August 19

Comment Moderation

Since you've made your blog Dofollow (because it is cool), you will have a lot of people commenting. You will have to introduce measures to prevent spam. You'll do that with comment moderation under Settings/Comments/Comment Moderation. For now, I'll allow anyone to post comments and they will not be moderated. There are several other ways and I'll write about them when I get to them. If your blog is more popular, let me know what choice you made by commenting below. Remember, your Name/URL is Dofollow!


Austin Texas real estate said...

Not moderating comments can attract quite a lot spam and a good blog may look like a very untidy blog with lots of spam comments. Blogspot doesn't have a normal spam catching plugin as far as I know but in WordPress Akismet does that job quite easily, and moderating is something which requires a lot of time. So it's upto you whether you want to moderate your blog or not for comments, but it's good to set the standard high so that you'll gain more loyal commenters who will appreciate your blog as Dofollow.

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