Monday, August 31

The -How To Make Money Blogging- Post: Double Your Adsense Revenue in 30 minutes

[Update 9/2/2009 I found two additional modifications to increase the blending of the ads into the page that you can add to the four modifications below. First, see if it makes sense for your blog to match the text size of your posts to text size of the adsense ads. Second, see if you can match the text color of the post with the color of the ad text. I'm testing this as we speak.]

Seriously, this is a gold mine for your blog. The -how to make money blogging- post. Read every word.

By now, you've accomplished a few major things:
-You've turned your blogger to dofollow to encourage blog comments
-You've monetized your blog with adsense ads in a few clicks

A couple of things you want to do to double your google adsense blog revenue in the next 30 minutes is

-Change your sidebar adsense to large square
-Change your adsense backgound color to blog background color
-Change your adsense border color to background
-Change your adsense title color to blue

(check this blog's adsense and see if I'm following these rules)

Tried and tested. Doubled MY blog revenue. Just do it. Double your blog income in 30 minutes. Thank me later.

I did not invent this. I found it in an ebook by a nice guy by the name of Joel Comm. You may be able to still get his Adsense Secrets ebook for $9.95 at, pages 1-61. You'll find the reasons why you're doing these steps and more tips in this ebook.


ebiz said...

Good post my friend

Make Money Online Today said...

Great article. It was helpful and informative. hope to see more greats posts like this.

the How To Make Money Blogging is a great post, keep it up!

Joseph said...

Thank you for the informative post.

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