Monday, September 28

A Surprising Way to Get Dofollow, High PR Backlinks from Technorati

I was just telling you about signing up for Google Webmaster Central. The main purpose was to find out more about which links to your blog Google deems to be high quality. I was surprised to find a backlink there. It was pointing to a specific post of my blog! A deep-linked, dofollow, possibly high Page Rank backling from a trusted Page Rank 9 site! Nice find!

How did that link end up on Technorati? Simple. As a member of Technorati, my blog is regularly scanned by Technorati. Whenever I link to another blog that is also a member, that blogs ?reactions page gets updated with a direct, dofollow, possibly high PR (up to 6) backlink to my page. Technorati also extracts the text from my post around the reference. The reactions page looks like this:

Here's what Technorati says about Blog Reactions. The blurb also explains what Technorati Authority is:

What Are Blog Reactions?

Technorati defines Blog Reactions as the number of links to the blog's home page or its posts from other blogs in the Technorati index. A subset of blog reactions, Technorati Authority is the number of unique blogs linking to this blog over the last six months. The higher the number, the more Technorati Authority the blog has. To see reactions to specific posts, you can find them listed on Technorati post pages.

Translation: Blog Reactions are Technorati version of Backlinks for Technorati member blogs only.
And the Technorati Authority is akin to Google PR, again for Technorati member blogs only.

How can you take advantage of the high PR, dofollow Technorati links? Well first, go ahead and register and authenticate your blogger with Technorati right away. While you are there, you can find and favorite it ;) Also, write a short description and the most important tags for your blog. And, on the same page, you will see code to a Technorati favorite link widget that you want to place on your blog. That way, you will score favorite points on Technorati, and Technorati will possibly get a new blog-member. Not sure yet how being a favorite will help you. A good question for another post.

When you are writing a new post, do not link to Technorati member blog posts just for a sake of getting a Technorati dofollow backlink. However, if you are looking to refer to a blog post with specific information that is widely available you may want to search Technorati blogs first. I did that today when posting about the free image manipulation program Gimp for Windows.

You Can Double Your Blogger Cash Payout by Introducing the Background Image

The numbers are in. I wrote about how to double my blogger blog adsense revenue before. Now I doubled my adsense revenue again. Simply by adding a nice background image to the blog.

That was with exactly the SAME amount of traffic to the blog as before. All I needed was a digital camera and an image manipulation program. I used a free gimp for windows. I used gimp just to change the contrast, brightness, and to crop the image appropriately to the screen. That was it!

When you have an image ready, just go to Customize, then Layout, then click Edit in your Header rectangle. You'l have a choice to upload your image from the computer. If needed, play with the resizing and that is it.

Pick a nice header background like this or like this and you'll about double your adsense income vs. just a plain blogger default single color template.

The numbers are in.

P.S.: Please do not copy the background image from the internet. You may get in trouble with licensing. Just take a nice picture of a sunset, skyline, flowers from the nearest gas station island, or anything that makes sense for your blog.

Why Register Your Blog with Google?

The main reason why you want to sign up with Google Webmaster Central is to find out what backlinks are pointing to your blog. Especially which are the backlinks to your blog that Google values.

You will get the most comprehensive list of backlinks to your site through Yahoo by using Yahoo Search  feature which takes you to Yahoo site explorer like this: .You can see the comprehensive list of backlinks there. However, most of the search traffic comes from Google and you do want to know which of these links are valued by Google. Dofollow is only one of the qualities of a link Google is looking for.

When you try the same link: search at, you will see that Google hides most of the backlinks jealously. You will find many more links through yahoo search.

So to get a bit closer to understanding what backlinks Google appreciates, sign up with Google Webmaster Central. Choose the META TAG authentication for your blog as the file upload version will not work with your blogspot blog. Then check up on your backlinks. Here are the current stats for a site that shows you how your parking ticket pays for itself:

Yahoo Siteexplorer: Pages: 38, Inlinks:174
Google Search Link: 5 sites linking in
Google Webmaster Central: 88 links to your site.

You see, not all links are created equal in Google's mind. Google is a jealous god. Backlinks play an important role with Google. However, you will need to work just a little bit harder to find out which backlinks really count for Google. Sign up for Google Webmaster Central. There is other very useful information there. I'll let you discover it on your own. In my next post I'll tell you my discovery.

Tuesday, September 22

Best of Social Bookmarking Sites

I wrote recently about a social bookmarking strategy I use and recommend. As a first step I suggested using bookmarking syndication. In this post I will show you how works and how you can use this post to verify your submission to! is a great bookmark syndication tool. It will help you get your bookmarks syndicated into some of the largest news and social bookmarking sites quickly. Mostly they are not dofollow. However, you will receive substantial referral traffic from these social bookmarking sites. That's just because of the size of their audience. If you are able to make your title and description attractive, and if you are bookmarking great content, you may end up on the front published page of these services, such as digg or stumbleupon. This way you will get additional referral traffic, way beyond the norm. In addition, most of the sites represented in have good reputation with google and other search engines. This will quickly bring you search engine traffic, sometimes within hours of publishing the bookmark.

And just how quick is it to publish with Well the setup phase can take a while because you need to manually register with the participating bookmarking sites. The bookmarking of a single page takes me about 10 minutes. It takes 5 minutes for initial submit, and then 5 more minutes to "finalize" the submission with a few sites.

You do not need to sign up with all bookmarking sites represented on Here are the ones I found easy to use, user friendly, and without overzealous censoring. Your mileage may vary; use the comment form below if you found sites in Onlywire that I am not mentioning. Then let me know and I will include them here.

First Group: Sites I use, no finalization needed: * *

Second Group: Sites that I use, finalization needed: * *

Third Group: Sites that currently fail consistently, at least for me: *

As the sites that require finalization are quite large, it should be worth your time to go ahead and do manual finalization with the second group. If you have extra time on your hands, go ahead and bookmark your page with the third group manually, directly on the websites.

The great thing about this post is that you can verify if your submission was successful. Wait perhaps a few hours or a day after submission with Onlywire. Then just come back to this post and do search on this page. It is  a Google Custom Search for the sites mentioned above. Use keywords from the title of your bookmark, and, optionally, your site name to narrow down search results. You will see just how quickly your site is indexed by Google.

Here is the Google Custom Search:

Saturday, September 19

Why You Need to Start Multiple Business Blogs?

Leaving a comment on someone's blog the other day I read another commenter write "I need to get back to my blogs now". I was taken aback a bit. A stay at home mom running multiple blogs? Hmmm.

If you are serious about making money with your business blog you need to run multiple business blogs.

There are opposing opinions out in the blogosphere about starting multiple business blogs. Some bloggers cautiously encourage starting several blogs and spreading the start dates out in time.

I'd say, forget cautiously. Forget spreading them out in time. Start a new business blog when you feel inspired. Don't let anyone tell you you'd spread yourself thin. When you start multiple business blogs you will find that, depending on the topic you were inspired to pick, each blog will have a completely different audience. You will be in for surprises. You'll find it easy to drive scores of new targeted visitor to one blog from day one through straight referrals from forums and blog comments. The other blog will do better with search engines, and build up audience over time. You will find that the best marketing approach will depend on the blog.

This is what I found with two of my new blogs. Another big difference was in monetization. Take google adsense's eCPM. eCPM stands for effective cost per thousand impressions. What represents cost to Google represents revenue for your blog. I found eCPM differed by more than a factor of 10, ranging from $0.5 on the low end to $11.00 on the high end. Big difference in eCPM. Big surprise.

You'll learn a lot running multiple blogs.

True, there is more management involved with starting a new blog. You need to tweak with the blog to make it user friendly, navigable. You need to market it to drive targeted traffic. You need to make it dofollow, of course. You need to encourage and reward commenting. These tweaks take some time.

However, learning how to do a certain tweak with one blog will help you do the same tweak for the next blog in half the time. Bringing in startup traffic for blog #2 will take much less time than for blog #1.

Depending on whether you blog one hour a day or 10 hours a day, you won't be able to keep up with all the blogs all the time. You won't be able to keep in touch with your audience for a while.

Don't worry, your blog audience, commentators, subscribers, even new visitors would rather not hear from you than get an uninspired piece of information from you. Writing inspired blog posts beats posting frequently. Plus, neglecting a single blog for a while has unintended advantages. You will see what the long-term residual influx of new visitors from forums, blog posts, and search engines. More on that in a future post on keeping track of your visitors with google analytics or similar services. When you leave a blog alone for a while, make sure you continue collecting the visitor information!

It turns out many successful bloggers run several blogs simultaneously. I'll write sometime about techniques to make operating several blogs more time effective such as Firefox Profiles, separate email accounts and the like.

Do you run multiple blogs? If you do, what were the surprising differences you found in running them? Comment ahead!

Thursday, September 17

Contribute your favorite dofollow forum to the list

If you can not find your favorite forum in the list of dofollow forums, you can add it here. Your link to the forum will appear in this growing list of the dofollow forums.

Feel free to also include your own website URL.

The new forum that you suggest (Forum URL) and your own website URL (Your website URL) will get a dofollow link from the page of all Dofollow Forums and some extra traffic from this blog, as a thank-you for helping build the list of dofollow forums.

Wednesday, September 16

Dofollow Forum Posting and a Cool Dofollow Forum Strategy

I was reading this SEO guy's blog yesterday. He is talking about combining several online strategies to increase targeted traffic to your blog. He mentioned forums as a great source of targeted traffic.

Coincidentally two weeks ago I started another blog. That blog has now about 100 visitors a day just from my posting messages in various relevant forums. My forum posts are helping people in the forum with their annoyances. Search engines have not even found my blog yet. The entire traffic of 100 new visitors a day to my blog is from the forum posts! So I realized this guy's message is absolutely confirmed, forum posting can be a great way to promote a blog.

Sure enough, forums have been around for a while and each has grown into their own style. You do want to familiarize yourself with the forum first before you register and start posting. You do want to make sure that the theme of the forum is compatible with your blog.

Please don't spam. Many forums have built in spam filters, so you are just wasting your time posting irrelevant links. Instead, respond to posts where you can add in some way to the discussion. Your blog has a lot of great content, right? Cool, so you will be able to find forum posts and threads that would benefit from your knowledge. Send forum visitors to a relevant page in your blog. Place your blog URL in your profile in each forum you contribute to.

A word of caution. If you post several posts in a forum and all of them are essentially doing nothing but sending people to your blog, you may be violating terms of service with some forums and may be banned from the forum. Look around on the forum. Contribute a few posts here and there where you are answering questions or asking questions and not posting your links.

With the forum posting strategy you may or may not get 100 visitors a day right away. Just keep returning to the forum and keep interacting with the forum members. Your reputation and traffic to your blog will increase over time.

Your blog is dofollow, right? A number of forums have recognized the value of dofollow links. I found a solid list of blogs that feature dofollow signatures on this site:

Here is the list of dofollow forums, that is forums that allow a dofollow signature link, thanks to
  1. Warrior Forum - By far the most helpful and responsive internet marketing forum that I have visted.There are people who are always ready to answer you questions and attend to your need.
  2. 5Star Affiliate Forum - Another favorite affiliate marketing forums.
  3. Ableton - Audio and musical forums
  4. Abestweb - Affiliate Marketing forum for both newbie and experienced affiliates to learn and earn more by sharing information about networks, merchants and best practices
  5. Abundance - Free advertising forum
  6. Addicsports - Baseball, basketball, and sports forum.
  7. - webmaster and affiliate forums.
  8. Acorn Domains - A growing community of UK Domain Name owners, buyers and sellers.
  9. Admin Zone Forums - Resources for community administrator and webmaster.
  10. Adult Webmaster Info - One of the largest “dofollow” adult webmaster forum.
  11. Affiliates4U - UK’s leading affiliate and marketing forums
  12. Allcoolforums - Online Free discussion board
  13. AMD Forums - official AMD processors support forum
  14. Baseballtalkpro - baseball forums.
  15. Blogger Forum - Focused on blogging community, monetizing and promotion of blogs.
  16. Blogger Talk - Forums for bloggers.
  17. Business Forum - business-related forums.
  18. BZ Image - SEO Forum - Web Design Help - Webmaster Forum - Web Hosting Talk
  19. Capital Theory - online moneymaking forum.
  20. Clickbank Success - A “dofollow” forum dedicated to clickbank users.
  21. Clicks Forum - Internet marketing for business.
  22. Cnet Forums - Software and technical forums.
  23. Code4gold - Free Webmaster Resources, Webmaster Tools and Search Engine Optimization
  24. Comic Book Resources - Discussion about comic books and resources
  25. David Castle - UK SEO & Internet Marketing Forums.
  26. Deviantart - Join the largest art community in the world!
  27. DDBoard - Domain name “dofollow” discussion board.
  28. Digitalppoint - Internet marketing and search engine forums
  29. DirectoryJunction - New but cool webmasters forum.
  30. Discuss Names - Another dofollow domain names discussion forum.
  31. DN Forum - Domain name sales, domain name appraisals, domain name discussions
  32. DN Lodge - Domain name and webmasters forums. Dofollow signature advertising.
  33. DN Scoop - Domain and webdevelopers forums.
  34. Domain Name Forums - Domain name discussion, appraisals, buys and sell, and domain marketplace.
  35. Dreamteam Money Forum - Moneymaking forums. One of the hottest moneymaking forums offering dofollow forum signature.
  36. Ecauldron - Pagan and religious forum
  37. Egadforum - general community forum.
  38. - Internet Marketing and webmaster forum.
  39. Filesharingtalk - file sharing forum.
  40. Free Ad Forum - Dofollow free advertising forum
  41. Free Advertising Forum - Unlimited ad posting. Content and signatures both dofollow.
  42. Freewebspace - Free webhosting guides and forums.
  43. Fogengine - Web directories forum
  44. Geek Village - Large moneymaking “dofollow” forum.
  45. Gento Forum - technical and programming forum
  46. Golden Talk - High Yield Investment Programs forums.
  47. Googlecommunity - Everything about google
  48. GPT Boycott Forums - Get-paid-to forums and ratings.
  49. Hablarmierda - a Spanish dofollow forum
  50. Harmony Central - Musicians Community Forums
  51. Hit Tail - Real traffic, real time, real result.
  52. Hot4s Online Forum - Australia’s cars and motoring forums
  53. Hotsurfs - Focusing on making money out of autosurfing.
  54. HTML Forums - Free webmaster forums and help
  55. HYIPs Talk - High Yiled Investment Programs forums.
  56. IDN Forums - International domain names forums, sales, appraisals, and general discussion.
  57. Intel Forums - Intel software developers community forums.
  58. Im4newbies - Affiliate marketing forum guide for new affiliates.
  59. Internet Marketing for Business - Internet Marketing and SEO Webmaster Forums
  60. IQ 69 - Mainstream Webmasters Forum
  61. Iwebtool - Offers preview of site in signatures. Webmaster tools forum
  62. Lex224 - Computer and gaming forum.
  63. Live Journal - creating a community forum.
  64. Microsoft Forum - Official Microsoft support forum.
  65. Money Maker Group - Internet marketing and webmaster forum focusing on HYIPs.
  66. Movie Lists - Movies and show business.
  67. Moneyfanclub - A “dofollow” online moneymaking forum focusing on HYIPs and autosurfs.
  68. Mygamebuilder - gaming forum
  69. MySQL Forum - database and programming forums
  70. - An active community of domain name owners, investors, buyers, and sellers of all kinds
  71. Online Books Club - Book & Reading Discussion
  72. Oracle Forums - Support forum for Oracle
  73. Paganforum - pagan and religion forum
  74. Payment Processing - Online payment and credit card processing forums. Ecommerce forum.
  75. PhpBB Forum - official support community forum for PhpBB users.
  76. PokerBRB Forum - Anything about Poker
  77. Revenue Source - Affiliate Marketing and SEO forums
  78. Search Engine Forums - Discussion Forum of SEO and Webmaster Related Topics
  79. Search Engine Roundtabe - Search Engine Forums
  80. SEO Chat - Programming and development forum online. Folders for all programming languages.
  81. SEOForum - Australian SEO Forum
  82. Forum - Search Engine Optimization discussion.
  83. SEO Guy - Search Engine Optimization Forum. Dofollow signature.
  84. Sidetalks - general forum
  85. Simplemachines - SMF official support forum.
  86. Siteowners - A dofollow webmasters forums
  87. Sitepoint - Webmaster and programming forums.
  88. Sitesell Forum - webmaster community forum
  89. Small Business Forum - A “dofollow” business forum for small entrepreneurs and online moneymakers.
  90. Startups - Business start-up and innovation forums
  91. Static-Subs - anime forums
  92. Submitexpress - Search engine forum
  93. - Freelance webmasters, webdesign, and seo community.
  94. Tattoo - tattoo forums.
  95. Textpattern - textpattern support forums
  96. The Free Ad Forum - Largest free advertising forum now has a “dofollow” signature.
  97. The Green Nation - Another “dofollow” HYIP forum.
  98. The V7 - Webmaster Forums
  99. TheHYIPforum - Another “dofollow” forum owned by Talkgold. Best if you are promoting a HYIP site.
  100. TriPHP Webmaster Forums - TriPHP Webmaster Forums is a friendly Community for Webmasters of all experience levels
  101. Ubuntu Technical Forum - technical and PC-related forums.
  102. W3SEO - SEO forums
  103. Webdegity - webmaster forum
  104. Web Design Forums - The place for web designers. A dofollow forum.
  105. Web Developer - Generally about programming and scripting websites with sections on domain names, and other money related topics.
  106. Webicy - Webmaster community forums.
  107. Web Life - A HYIP forum sowned by Talkgold.
  108. Webhosting Canada - Industry Discussion, Webmaster Forum, Web Host Reviews and Deals forums.
  109. Webhosting Talk - Geared towards hosting resellers but has some relevant sections on making money selling hosting and running a website
  110. Webmaster Forums Online - News and Discussion Forums for Webmasters about SEO, Internet Marketing and Advertising, Website Design and Development, Web Hosting and General Topics.
  111. Webmasters Help - Webmaster and seo forum. Lionks on posts are “nofollow” but offer “dofollow” signatures.
  112. Webmaster-talk - Programming, webdesign, seo, and webmaster forums
  113. Webproworld - The world’s forum for ebusiness professionals.
  114. Webtalkforums - Webmaster Forum is a revenue sharing webmaster discussion forum
  115. Windows Forum - windows community forums.
  116. Winamp - Official winamp forum.
  117. Work at Home Moms - Moneymaking forum for Moms.
  118. Work-at-Home Moms - Internet marketing message boards for moms.
  119. World of Warcraft - online gaming forum
  120. Xandros - website design, themes, and lay out forums.
  121. notebook, laptop, netbook troubleshooting (contributed by )
  122. computer information and troubleshooting (contributed by )
  123. overclockers forum (contributed by )
  124. Dell Community Help Forum (contributed by )
  125. HP Support Forum (contributed by )
  126. HP Touchsmart Community Forum- HP Support Forum (contributed by )
More forums

1. Page Rank 7
2. Page Rank 6
3. Page Rank 6
4. Page Rank 7
5. Page Rank 6
6. Page Rank 7
7. Page Rank 6
8. Page Rank 9
9. Page Rank 6
10. Page Rank 6
11. Page Rank 6
12. Page Rank 6
13. Page Rank 6
14. Page Rank 6
15. Page Rank 6
16. Page Rank 7
17. Page Rank 8
18. Page Rank 8
19. Page Rank 7
20. Page Rank 7
21. Page Rank 7
22. Page Rank 6
23. Page Rank 6
24. Page Rank 6
25. Page Rank 6
26. Page Rank 7
27. Page Rank 6
28. Page Rank 6
29. Page Rank 6
30. Page Rank 6

Except for the recently contributed forums at the very end, this list seems to be about one year old. The list includes some of the forums that are driving me 100 visitors a day to my blog.

Depending on the topic of your blog, you do not want to be posting in all of these forums. I'll give you two easy ways to search in all the above dofollow forums for keywords that are relevant to your blog:
First search, search among the "internet marketing related" selection from the above list (70+ forums):

Second, search among general, not directly internet marketing related, forums:

Third, search among all the websites that are linked from this page:

All you need to do is just enter your keywords in the relevant search box above. You can either search among internet marketing forums, among non-internet marketing forums, or all sites linked from this page. Select between internet marketing related forums and general forums. In the search results you will then see the links to forums with relevant posts. These are the forums you should visit and contribute. It is just that easy.

P.S.: If you know of a good dofollow forum please contribute the URL of the forum here. You will be rewarded with a dofollow link to your forum AND to your website of choice.

P.P.S.: Take a look at the entry number 121 above. It was contributed by the owner of the website The search results from the search three, above, include relevant pages from that blog! One more reason for you to contribute a dofollow forum you like here.

P.P.P.S.: In case you were wondering how I created the search boxes: Take a look at Google custom search on the fly.

Thursday, September 10

Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites Strategy to Promote Your Blogger

You've done a couple of things with your blogger blog so far: you've set your blog to dofollow, encouraged and rewarded commenters for quality coments, implemented keyword exchange for comments, monetized your blog, doubled its pull and your adsense income, and enabled others to easily navigate the site. Now it 's time to get the word out. And I mean get the word out in a big way. Your content is precious. Right?!? You want people to know about it.

One of the quickest ways to get the word out is post a social bookmark. Social bookmarking is a great way to get links back to your blog. Links that are well categorized. Social bookmarking will bring you targeted traffic. Social bookmarking, when done right, will increase your blog's popularity with search engines. You can find more about social bookmark basics by simply signing up for, one of the original social bookmarking sites. Roam around and you will find how the system works. Yahoo has recently bought and seems to be putting some efforts together to integrate delicious more tightly with Yahoo search and other offerings. There are hundreds of other social bookmarking sites out there and new ones are mushrooming daily.

How to make sense of all this? Should you go and sign up for all the sites and bookmark your blogger pages? That could take forever! Well you are in the right place to see about bookmarking selectively and speeding up the social bookmarking process.

I recommend using two tools:
  2. This very page! ( see below )
I'll cut to the chase. You want as many backlinks as possible and you want them to be dofollow, so they count more for google. Onlywire represents 40 of the biggest social bookmarking websites and you can submit easily to all of them in 5-10 minutes. The backlinks will mostly be nofollow, but they will bring you targeted traffic.

Step two, go for the dofollow social bookmarking sites regardless of the size. There is no established tool for dofollow social bookmarking sites so below you will find a clickable list of those that I use and recommend:

List of recommended dofollow social bookmarking sites. Combined mainly from two sites, and, then double checked for dofollow:

Dofollow bookmarking sites just for blogs:
Where possible, I have included the link directly to the post page to post the bookmark, so it is more convenient and faster. You do want to use cut and paste for your Title, Text, and Tags but you also want to vary the Title, Text, and Tags a bit so search engines do not consider these entries duplicated content.

Another point when bookmarking: Don't just bookmark your sales pages. Or just your blogger. Add some spice to the mix, bookmark pages in the news that you read and you found remarkable. For example, today I bookmarked  this page and this page, just because I found them interesting and illustrative of what is happening in the USA today. I highly recommend you bookmark websites with a wide variety of topics. Bookmark news. Bookmark sites you like. Bookmark sites that represent a cause. When the social bookmarking site editors look at your bookmarks they will be less likely to consider your bookmarks "spam" or "self promotion" if you bookmark a wide variety of sites.

Here is how you can verify whether your bookmarks are active on the above sites through Google Custom Search:

Monday, September 7

Labels Gadget Will Improve Blogger Search Engine Optimization

A few days ago I discussed  internal linking and improving your blogger navigation and SEO. The point is to make it easy for your visitors to navigate your blog and help the web searchers find your blog entries through search engines as well.

The Archive feature in blogger that we discussed has been around for a while. Recently, blogger introduced the "Labels" gadget. This is just what the doctor ordered! In this blog, I decided to name the gadget "For More Information on Dofollow and Blogger Marketing Visit:" and place it at the bottom of the blog. The style chosen is "Cloud". Visit the Dofollow Cool blog and scroll to the bottom of the page to see it. In the Echoes of Wisdom blog it is called "Labels|Tags|Categories". There, it is placed in the sidebar with as a list style.

Inspect the Labels gadget visually. You may realize that you'll have to modify a few labels that you have used when you wrote your posts, maybe trim their length. Maybe consolidate similar labels into one lable. Maybe you will need to add labels in the first place. Go ahead, do that - it will help you clarify your posts and your purpose with your blog.

Add a Labels gadget to your blogger. Help people find you through Labels/Tags and enable your visitors get more information they are looking for quickly.

Thursday, September 3

External Links: Make Your Visitors Stay On Your Blogger

It is great to post links to your sources of information. It is great to post links to bloggers who have been writing for a long time and have success and good reputation. Successful bloggers monitor who is linking to them and will come to your site. Maybe even link to your blog. In fact successful bloggers are generous when it comes to link love. Links from successful blogs count a great deal.

On the other hand, you do not want your visitors to leave your blog when they follow an external link. Here's how you can have them go and stay at the same time: open the external link in a new window. Here's a quote from

Create a Hyperlink That Opens a New Window

The basic structure of a hyperlink looks like this:

<a href="">Online Stock Trading for Beginners</a>

If you use this code, the clicking on the link will lead the visitor to the new location and they will leave your blog. Opening a new window on every click requires html code modification. Just add one more property to the ’a’ tag:


Just like the href property/value pair (href="some value"), you need simply to include the target="_blank" to the ’a’ tag of your hyperlink. Here is what the finished hyperlink will look like:

<a href="" target="_blank">Online Stock Trading for Beginners</a>

Some desktop software HTML authoring utilities are able to provide this functionality as an option for you when you create a hyperlink. For example, Post2Blog, I use can do that easily. But if you use online Blog editor, like Blogger, you do not have ready to go option for the hyperlinks properties modification. You need to review the HTML source, find the ’a’ tag you want to modify and then add the target="_blank" value pair to the hyperlink definition.

That's all folks. Happy external linking.

Wednesday, September 2

Internal Links for Beter Traffic Flow Inside Your Blogger

Imagine a first time visitor arriving to your blog. Let's say they find your post interesting and they read every word of it. They arrived to the end of the post. They want more. Why not make it easy on them and offer them a link to another post of yours with similar content?

If blogger had categories, this post would be under Internal Traffic category. Internal traffic is about helping visitor navigate your blog and keep them on your blog. This post would also fit in the SEO category. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is about helping your visitors find you through search engines.

Blogger does not have categories, however. I wanted to talk to you about something related today. I read a very well written post by Courtney Tuttle at recommending the following components to your blog structure:
  • Categories - to increase the internal linking of your site.
  • HTML Sitemap - this really seems redundant because blogger's archive kind of does the same thing, see below. Plus Courtney's link does not work anyways - did she steer away?
  • Tag Pages - Creating tag pages gives you another way you can increase the internal linking of your site and help visitors navigate.
  • Link Boxes - Colored link boxes allow visitors to find the sections they’re looking for more easily, and also provide yet one more link path to my posts.
  • Manual Linking In Posts - Never pass up an opportunity to link to an old post that helps explain a concept in a new post. Those links will add up.
Blogger indeed does not feature Categories nor does it feature public Tag pages. At least, blogger does not call it that way. However, blogger has what they call Labels, just like the Labels from gmail. Labels are entered in a separate field on the bottom right when you publish a post. Labels play a role of categories and tags at the same time. Here's how labels work: To see all posts that are filed under the label seo just go to this web page:

Simple, huh. Instant category seo. I'll talk about taking advantage of this category feature in one of the next posts about blogger seo strategies. Pun not intended. Follow this blog to learn more.

You can use archives as a substitute for site maps. You can select archiving by month, week or day. I am currently using monthly archiving and you can find all my posts for August here:

I'll talk about taking advantage of the archive/sitemap feature in one of the next posts about seo. Follow this blog so you don't miss that post.

When you are decided on what major categories you want in your blog, you can publish the appropriate links in a side bar as a html widget. Same for the most prominent keyword tag labels.
You may call this a "Link Box".

I suggest three or more manual in-post links in each post if appropriate. I suggest using at least 1-3 labels representing major categories in each post. I suggest using at least 3-5 additional labels to represent important keyword tags. As soon as you have more than 10 posts in your blog, get yourself a Categories html widget and a "Link Box" widget and increase internal linking and navigation.

If you haven't already, now would be a good time to comb through all your posts and make sure the labels of the category flavor and of the tag flavor are there in each post. Make sure the internal links are there. If the visitor likes your writing, give them easy ways to read more. If the visitor does not find what you wrote useful give them an easy way to find another post in your blog that might be closer to what he/she is looking for. Give them more internal links.

Dofollow Keyword Exchange Idea for Blog Comments: Implementation in Blogger

The main idea of the dofollow blog keyword exchange is simple. You started a blog because you want to start a conversation about a topic that is important to you. Or you want to make money.

You want to have readers. You want to have commentators. Turning your blog dofollow is a way to attract commentators. But will they read your posts?

Some people will just come to your blog to get an anchor text backlink to their site. That is fine.

In exchange, you accept the link as long as they contribute to the discussion. And they will need to read your post to contribute. So you gain a reader in exchange for giving away "link juice".

This blog is an implementation of the "keyword exchange" idea. The implementation with dofollow "keyword exchange" both attracts readers and entices them to contribute to the blog by reading the post and using "my keywords" in their comments. "My keywords are typically in the title of the post. They will want to use "their keywords" in the "Name" field of the comment.I feel the best place to suggest blog comment keyword exchange is in the "Post a comment" section, plain in sight to the commentator just before they are ready to type their comment in the box.

Originally, the GolfTipsBeginners blogger suggested keyword exchange. He was placing his Dofollow Blog rule in the sidebar. You can implement in the sidebar too, this would be the simplest way:

Here are the technical details of implementing keyword exchange in my blogger template. I'm using the inline comment blogger, and you should go inline as well as discussed previously.

In blogger, you can just go to Customize/Settings/Comments and under "Comment Form Message" put this text or similar to give the commenter the idea what moderation they can expect:

This is a DoFollow blog. Comments that contribute nothing will be deleted. Keyword exchange: If you are placing your keywords in the Name field I request that you read the post and place my keywords from the post title or text in your comment. 
So good luck! Be smart, turn your blogger dofollow, establish strict moderation of comments, and tell commentators what you expect of them! Then watch the readership grow!

Keyword Exchange for Dofollow Blogs: Idea

I got a great "Keyword Exchange" idea from one of my commenters: as a Dofollow blog I will get instant readership that I would otherwise not have (good for all). However, some of the commenters will be here just to place comments with their keywords in the name field (good for them) and not read or contribute to the post (not good for me or the dofollow movement). So I kept the "Post a Comment" line and placed the following wording in place of the generic warning:

Post a Comment

This is a DoFollow blog. Comments that contribute nothing will be deleted. Keyword exchange: If you are placing your keywords in the Name field I request that you read the post and place my keywords from the post title or text in your comment.

I will write about the procedure to make this change in my blogger in my next post.

Hopefully the "Great post mate" comments will turn into more thoughtful comments. Or at least longer and more keyword rich comments ;)

Your comments on the keyword exchange idea? Do you feel it is easy for you as a commenter to follow? Do you like it? Is it a fair exchange? Will it help increase the dofollow movement? Post your opinion in a comment and let me know!