Wednesday, September 2

Dofollow Keyword Exchange Idea for Blog Comments: Implementation in Blogger

The main idea of the dofollow blog keyword exchange is simple. You started a blog because you want to start a conversation about a topic that is important to you. Or you want to make money.

You want to have readers. You want to have commentators. Turning your blog dofollow is a way to attract commentators. But will they read your posts?

Some people will just come to your blog to get an anchor text backlink to their site. That is fine.

In exchange, you accept the link as long as they contribute to the discussion. And they will need to read your post to contribute. So you gain a reader in exchange for giving away "link juice".

This blog is an implementation of the "keyword exchange" idea. The implementation with dofollow "keyword exchange" both attracts readers and entices them to contribute to the blog by reading the post and using "my keywords" in their comments. "My keywords are typically in the title of the post. They will want to use "their keywords" in the "Name" field of the comment.I feel the best place to suggest blog comment keyword exchange is in the "Post a comment" section, plain in sight to the commentator just before they are ready to type their comment in the box.

Originally, the GolfTipsBeginners blogger suggested keyword exchange. He was placing his Dofollow Blog rule in the sidebar. You can implement in the sidebar too, this would be the simplest way:

Here are the technical details of implementing keyword exchange in my blogger template. I'm using the inline comment blogger, and you should go inline as well as discussed previously.

In blogger, you can just go to Customize/Settings/Comments and under "Comment Form Message" put this text or similar to give the commenter the idea what moderation they can expect:

This is a DoFollow blog. Comments that contribute nothing will be deleted. Keyword exchange: If you are placing your keywords in the Name field I request that you read the post and place my keywords from the post title or text in your comment. 
So good luck! Be smart, turn your blogger dofollow, establish strict moderation of comments, and tell commentators what you expect of them! Then watch the readership grow!


Chris@GolfTipsBeginners said...


I'm positive that the idea for keyword exchange in comments on dofollow sites works. And thanks for the in-post link back to my site that you have in this post!! :-)

I recently went back to nofollow on my golf site. The reason was because my search engine traffic gradually went down to almost nothing recently and I'm not sure why. I have an idea that one or more dofollow links were to sites that google did not approve of, such as a gambling site, or perhaps to a link farm. I could have started to delete the suspected comments one by one to see if my traffic improved but I figured I'd just nofollow them all since that would be much easier. The good thing is that since I've done that my search engine traffic has come back to normal.

I really like the inline dofollow rule that you have implemented and how to do it on blogger! I might do the same thing but with the disclaimer that my site is not currently a dofollow site but if the commenter uses my keywords and makes a really good comment, I will make an attempt to use their keyword(s) in a future post. These types of links usually carry a little more link weight over dofollow links anyways. Plus, I'll be able to visit their site first to make sure it's a site that is on the 'up and up'.

Thanks for the inline tip and I'll talk to you later.


Matt @ Dofollow Cool - Staying Dofollow and Cool said...

Chris, Thanx for your comment. You touch on the heart of the matter. The dofollow links make sense as long as you have an efficient system in place to weed out comments that lead to places that Google disapproves of. Thanks for the Gambling and Link Farm tips. Blogger Comment moderation page could be more detailed with working back links, so I could see every link destination and decide whether to approve the post or not. My search engine traffic is growing so I'm leaving dofollow comments intact for sure. I will continue to watch the comment link destinations. Keep in touch and thanks again.

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This is a DoFollow blog. Comments that contribute nothing will be deleted. Keyword exchange: If you are placing your keywords in the Name field I request that you read the post and place my keywords from the post title or text in your comment.