Monday, September 28

You Can Double Your Blogger Cash Payout by Introducing the Background Image

The numbers are in. I wrote about how to double my blogger blog adsense revenue before. Now I doubled my adsense revenue again. Simply by adding a nice background image to the blog.

That was with exactly the SAME amount of traffic to the blog as before. All I needed was a digital camera and an image manipulation program. I used a free gimp for windows. I used gimp just to change the contrast, brightness, and to crop the image appropriately to the screen. That was it!

When you have an image ready, just go to Customize, then Layout, then click Edit in your Header rectangle. You'l have a choice to upload your image from the computer. If needed, play with the resizing and that is it.

Pick a nice header background like this or like this and you'll about double your adsense income vs. just a plain blogger default single color template.

The numbers are in.

P.S.: Please do not copy the background image from the internet. You may get in trouble with licensing. Just take a nice picture of a sunset, skyline, flowers from the nearest gas station island, or anything that makes sense for your blog.


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