Monday, August 31

The -How To Make Money Blogging- Post: Double Your Adsense Revenue in 30 minutes

[Update 9/2/2009 I found two additional modifications to increase the blending of the ads into the page that you can add to the four modifications below. First, see if it makes sense for your blog to match the text size of your posts to text size of the adsense ads. Second, see if you can match the text color of the post with the color of the ad text. I'm testing this as we speak.]

Seriously, this is a gold mine for your blog. The -how to make money blogging- post. Read every word.

By now, you've accomplished a few major things:
-You've turned your blogger to dofollow to encourage blog comments
-You've monetized your blog with adsense ads in a few clicks

A couple of things you want to do to double your google adsense blog revenue in the next 30 minutes is

-Change your sidebar adsense to large square
-Change your adsense backgound color to blog background color
-Change your adsense border color to background
-Change your adsense title color to blue

(check this blog's adsense and see if I'm following these rules)

Tried and tested. Doubled MY blog revenue. Just do it. Double your blog income in 30 minutes. Thank me later.

I did not invent this. I found it in an ebook by a nice guy by the name of Joel Comm. You may be able to still get his Adsense Secrets ebook for $9.95 at, pages 1-61. You'll find the reasons why you're doing these steps and more tips in this ebook.

Saturday, August 29

Next Thing To Do is Add Recent Comments To the Blog

Your blogger is dofollow, right? Comments are the liveliness of your blog, right? So reward the commenters by publishing their comment excerpts on the side. Go Customize/Layout/Add a Gadget/Featured/Recent Comments. Hit the plus button. Position the gadget where you want it. Done.

If you don't have any comments yet, make some up. Ask your friends to comment, or comment yourself.

The new commenters will love to see their names on top/side of the blog.

Monetize Your Blog is the Next Thing To Do.

As of today, monetizing blogger blog is a matter of a few clicks if you already have adsense set up. Just click on Settings then Monetize then you'll be given a few layout choices. Stick with the default for maximum exposure of ads. Google will select your adsense layout to match the colors of your blog style. There is not much else to do!

I've noticed some bloggers out there  calling for no advertising on blogs. I disagree. The main point is: Most people are ad-blind anyways, and subconsciously filter out the ads and go for the content anyways. However, if they're looking for something already, they hit your blog, they will see an ad that matches what they're looking for. My theory anyways. As google has implemented Double-Click advertising and viewer-centric advertising in addition to content-centric advertising, chances are even higher your reader will find something they are looking for in your ads.

So go ahead monetize your blog now!

Give it a couple of days/weeks depending on how much traffic you get. Check back with Monetize Tab and you will see your earnings right there.

Monday, August 24

How To Make Your Craigslist Links Dofollow?

Here's a neat trick to get your Craigslist Ads to Follow!

Craigslist allows you to use links with anchor text in the posts. Normally, these links will be nofollow.

When you edit the post, however, you can delete the "no" from "nofollow" in your links, repost, and the links will stay follow!

Craigslist gone Dofollow!

Saturday, August 22

A Quick Trick That Can Significantly Increase Traffic To Your Blog

According to

you want to add a post-specific META description tag to your blog posts. Just put a meta tag
inside the head of posts. Go Layout/Edit Html then insert between <head> and </head> tags this line:

<META NAME='description' expr:content='data:blog.pageTitle + &quot;,Put in your common description tags here &quot;'/>

where you replace your own common description tags.

What happens is expr:content= ‘data:blog.pageTitle’ gets replaced by the title of your current page. So when combined with the common description tags, the description tag becomes unique for each page.

This will enable more searchers to find your post.

P.S.: I am not mentioning the second trick about putting title of the blog into the title of the page as recommended on the website above. Blogger already has that feature built in as of today.

Friday, August 21

A Short History of Dofollow

Technically, dofollow does not exist. It is a shorthand for no nofollow. rel="nofollow" for individual links was invented by Google in 2005. Other search engines followed suit. The intent was to let search engine know what links you do not vouch for.

The ensuing years brought the term "page rank sculpting" to life. Webmasters thought they could sculpt google page rank based on where they place rel="nofollow".

In 2009, Google decided to change the way they distribute PR, or "link juice". They would still not give any link/PR juice to nofollow links as usual, but they would reduce the link juice of ref="follow" links by the amount taken by the rel="nofollow" links on the same page.

How does this affect dofollow? Nicely. The dofollow links make sense now in the comments, as they take away as much link juice from the post links, as rel="nofollow" links. So implementing dofollow links has no negative impact on your blog's link juice, but it has positive impact on your blog commenters.

You need to implement good anti-spam methods in your blog, including captcha and moderation. rel="nofollow" is not a tool to reduce spam, so go dofollow.

Google still (8/2009) believes rel="nofollow" is a spam deterrent:
however that may change soon when more bloggers get a hold of effective and easy-to-use blog spam prevention tools.

Wednesday, August 19

Comment Moderation

Since you've made your blog Dofollow (because it is cool), you will have a lot of people commenting. You will have to introduce measures to prevent spam. You'll do that with comment moderation under Settings/Comments/Comment Moderation. For now, I'll allow anyone to post comments and they will not be moderated. There are several other ways and I'll write about them when I get to them. If your blog is more popular, let me know what choice you made by commenting below. Remember, your Name/URL is Dofollow!

Make Blog Comments Prominent

You may want to make the comments more prominent by embedding them in the page. That's real easy to do: Just go to Customize/Settings/Comments/Comment Form Placement/ and pick the "Embedded below post" option, then save settings and you're done!

Tuesday, August 18

Turn This Very Blog Into DOfollow Because DOfollow Is Cool

The first thing I did, of course, was to turn this very blogspot into a dofollow blog. I turned to for help,

Go to, click Layout then Edit HTML. If you are unsure what you are doing exactly, you may want to backup your template at this point. Check the box near Expand Widget Templates. Now search for this piece of code :

expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel="nofollow"

Here delete rel=”nofollow” and now the code looks like this:


I have spent hours trying to make sure the LINKS inside comments would also be DOfollow, but, alas, blogger at this time would not allow it. Even if you remove other 'rel="nofollow"' entries in the same Layout|Edit Html place, these removals have NO effect. So, the commenters Name/URL will be DOfollow and links within comments will be nofollow. Not too shabby for starters.

Dofollow Cool On Its Way!

Welcome to Dofollow Cool! How to start a blog with valuable dofollow links in comments. And why to start a dofollow blog! Read on!

I started the blog because I feel there is value in dofollow blogs, forums, search engines. It's all about encouraging meaningful conversation on the internet. This will be a blog with tips, tricks, and collections of useful information on how to get your voice heard in the blogosphere. On how to drive targeted traffic to your own blog and website. Enabling dofollow comments is a big part of it. By setting my commenter's links to dofollow, I am sending a message to them: I appreciate your input. I appreciate your contribution to this post and this blog. I trust you will read the post before commenting. I trust you will not leave a comment just for the sake of getting a valuable backlink. I trust that you understand that there is value in maybe small but definitely meaningful information exchanges through comments. I trust you won't abuse my trust.

So, dear visitors, the comments in this blog are set to Dofollow. I will prove here that Dofollow is Cool!

If you have a blog, I challenge you to set your blog to dofollow. You'll get more comments. Your blog will flourish. And for an occasional attempt of abuse, there is always comment moderation.

Go ahead, check out the details on setting a blogger to dofollow, and just do it! Or, share your thoughts about setting your blog coments to dofollow with me in a comment below. You are getting a valuable dofollow link in return for your thoughtful comments.