Sunday, November 29

Awesome Traffic Generating Social Bookmarking Sites: Two Month Test Results

A few months back I have presented a list of dofollow social bookmarking sites and high traffic social bookmarking sites. I have put them to the test and here are the results.

I have posted hundreds of bookmarks, probably thousands. I posted several of my websites and have tracked referrals from these bookmarks through Google Analytics.

There are two components to traffic accomplished by social bookmarking. Component one is the direct traffic to my sites. Componnt two is search traffic that is influenced by social bookmarking sites (no follow and especially dofollow) links to my sites. Direct traffic is measured in direct visits from the sites. I only have indirect measures of search traffic attributable to social bookmarking sites.

Here are the number of referrers (direct visits) from social bookmarking sites. I am also adding the number of posts on the social bookmarking site pointing toward my websites. This number of posts is an indirect measure of Google link juice flowing to my sites and is especially relevant in case of dofollow social bookmarking sites.

List: site, direct hits, pages linking toward my websites
So here you have it. Not all (dofollow or nofollow) social bookmarking sites are created equal. Again, please refer to dofollow social bookmarking sites post to see which of these sites are dofollow.

This is a real-life example of traffic generated from various social bookmarking sites to several blogs on different topics. I will use this table to prioritize my posting on social bookmarking sites in the future.

What about you? Have you found my previous post useful? What is your experience using social bookmarking sites, especially high traffic and dofollow sites? Do you know of a social bookmarking site that is giving you a lot of traffic. I challenge you to share your result with me! Just leave a comment! Oh and remember, all comment links are dofollow in this blog ;)

Wednesday, November 18

How To Let Blog Visitors Social Bookmark Your Page

Is your blogger gaining in popularity? Have your happy readers help you back!

Do you have comments thanking you for your help? Great time to let commenters know that they can bookmark the page with their favorite bookmarking services. Digg, Twitter, StumbleUpon are some of my favorites.

I have been using Onlywire bookmarking button on some of my blogs. This button is a bit overwhelmingly complicated so I decided to standardize on for my blogs. AddThis claim to be the one of the most popular bookmarking and sharing service on the net. I'm sure you must have seen their button in many places.

You will see the AddThis button on the bottom of this post. To see if this is something you want to add to your blog, try it out right now!

Locate the Bookmark button on the bottom of this post, hover over it, and select your favorite bookmarking service. Click! It is not as simple as bookmarking with your browser, is it!

However, it works and it will increase the visibility of your blog, both through referrals and through higher search engine rankings.

AddThis has made it very simple to include their bottom in various publishing media. Login or register at For blogger, you will have two options.

First, include AddThis button as an element in your sidebar. That one is straightforward and highly automatized as you will see.

I recommend the second option. Here, add AddThis button on the bottom of each of your blog posts. To do so, you must add the button script as directed. To find the place they refer you to in your blogger template, go to Customize/Layout/Edit Html. You must select "Expand Widgets Templates". Use Ctrl-F or find to locate the <div class='post-footer'> tag as directed by AddThis. Insert the code.

You're done!

From now on just gently remind your happy commenters to bookmark the page they found useful.

What do you say? What bookmarking service do you use on your blog? Have you seen increase in traffic since you have implemented it? Have you seen referrals from social bookmarking sites? Let me know, please comment below!