Monday, September 28

A Surprising Way to Get Dofollow, High PR Backlinks from Technorati

I was just telling you about signing up for Google Webmaster Central. The main purpose was to find out more about which links to your blog Google deems to be high quality. I was surprised to find a backlink there. It was pointing to a specific post of my blog! A deep-linked, dofollow, possibly high Page Rank backling from a trusted Page Rank 9 site! Nice find!

How did that link end up on Technorati? Simple. As a member of Technorati, my blog is regularly scanned by Technorati. Whenever I link to another blog that is also a member, that blogs ?reactions page gets updated with a direct, dofollow, possibly high PR (up to 6) backlink to my page. Technorati also extracts the text from my post around the reference. The reactions page looks like this:

Here's what Technorati says about Blog Reactions. The blurb also explains what Technorati Authority is:

What Are Blog Reactions?

Technorati defines Blog Reactions as the number of links to the blog's home page or its posts from other blogs in the Technorati index. A subset of blog reactions, Technorati Authority is the number of unique blogs linking to this blog over the last six months. The higher the number, the more Technorati Authority the blog has. To see reactions to specific posts, you can find them listed on Technorati post pages.

Translation: Blog Reactions are Technorati version of Backlinks for Technorati member blogs only.
And the Technorati Authority is akin to Google PR, again for Technorati member blogs only.

How can you take advantage of the high PR, dofollow Technorati links? Well first, go ahead and register and authenticate your blogger with Technorati right away. While you are there, you can find and favorite it ;) Also, write a short description and the most important tags for your blog. And, on the same page, you will see code to a Technorati favorite link widget that you want to place on your blog. That way, you will score favorite points on Technorati, and Technorati will possibly get a new blog-member. Not sure yet how being a favorite will help you. A good question for another post.

When you are writing a new post, do not link to Technorati member blog posts just for a sake of getting a Technorati dofollow backlink. However, if you are looking to refer to a blog post with specific information that is widely available you may want to search Technorati blogs first. I did that today when posting about the free image manipulation program Gimp for Windows.


stream anime said...

I will try to find something like this for my Wordpress blog, couldn't agree more how needed it is.

Mentor Matt said...

Stream anime, Sure, the more dofollow blogs the merrier. Be sure to do a good job moderating your comments after you turn your blog loose!

debt said...

nice info man, thanks for sharing :)

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