Sunday, December 6

More Great Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites

You could find in a previous post about my top selections for top dofollow and high traffic social bookmarking sites. Many sites that looked good on surface proved not so valuable and were thrown out of the selection. I found some additional dofollow social bookmarking sites and I am presenting them here.

Credit goes to the following sites:
There is probably over 100 bookmarking sites mentioned in total. I have done some serious filtering here.

Some of the "recommended" social bookmarking sites that are supposed to "work" I don't find useful. Reasons are: they are not dofollow, they do not really offer direct links to my sites, or they do not offer a separate page with exclusively my bookmark. Some sites are out of business. I have excluded those and am putting the rest to the test. These are:
More later..


Moses said...

I was using bookmarking a lot earlier but nowadays i look out for guest blogging more. It is a lot better than social sites. Nice list though :-)

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